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Government Of Assam Administrative Reforms and Training Civil Services Officers' Institute

Bye Laws


The Civil Services Officers’ Institute, Assam is a registered body and has been set up to provide welfare, recreational and entertainment activities/services to the officers of the All India Services and the State Civil Services and their families.



  1. Membership shall be open to officer in the rank of under Secretary and above in the case of Central Government/PSU and an officer in the rank of Deputy Secretary and above from All India Services, Assam Civil Services, Assam Police Services and other State Services serving under the
    Government of Assam and those on deputation to PSUs and autonomous institutions under the Government of Assam subject to the approval of Executive Committee. The membership for officers of Central Services and executives of Central Public Sector Undertakings will be of the rank of Under
    Secretary and above subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.
  2. All State Government employed Members will be the Permanent Members of the Institute.
  3. All Members from Central deputation and SPSUs/CPSUs will be the Associate Members of the Institute and will not get the benefits of voting.
  4. Governing Council may also allow membership to Officers junior in rank to Deputy Secretary to Government of Assam under special circumstances.
  5. Governing Council may restrict /regulate the number of members who may be admitted to Association.
  6. Governing Council may regulate the membership of eligible Civil Servants serving outside Guwahati.

Grant of Membership

Membership of the Institute will be granted to eligible officers in accordance with the priority as per the waiting list notified by CSOI, Assam. However, officers of the rank of Secretary to the Government of Assam and their equivalents in the State Government and ex-officio members of the Governing Council and Executive Committee may be granted out-of-turn membership.

Transfer of Membership

On demise of a member, the Working Committee may, upon a request received from the spouse in this regard within 3 months of the death of the member, transfer the membership in the name of the spouse of the deceased member. Such membership will be valid till the spouse (he/she) remarries/death, whichever is earlier, and will not carry voting rights. If the spouse of the deceased member is independently eligible to be a member of CSOIA, he/she will have voting rights as well.

Children as Dependant Members

A son or daughter of a member is treated as Dependant Member till he/she is married or attains the age of 25 years, whichever is early. However unmarried daughters will be treated as Dependant Member without any age limit.


All spouses and eligible dependent children between the ages of 16 to 25 years will be issued spouse/dependant card by the Institute. This card shall be produced, whenever requested by the Institute staff. Management reserves the right to refuse entry without production of spouse/dependant card. After demise of the member, the spouse may seek membership with a request letter attached with the Death Certificate.


The Institute will remain open on all days of the week except Monday and other holiday notified by the Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee may constitute sub-committees for different activities. The subcommittees shall exercise powers and functions assigned to them by the Executive Committee and submit a monthly report to the Executive Committee on its activities. The other committees which may be constituted by the Executive Committee are:
 Existing Sub-Committees:
- Food & Beverage Sub-Committee
- Events & Amenities Sub-Committee
- Finance & Internal Audit Sub-Committee
- Film & Other Entertainment Sub-Committee
- Gymnasium & Swimming Sub-Committee


The rates of Monthly subscription will be as decided by the Executive Committee form time to time. The current rates of subscription are as under:

Permanant Members

  1. Local Members - Rs. 250 + GST
    Serving officers/retired members posted/residing in Guwahati and other Members whose families reside in these locations even if the member is posted outside.
  2. Outstation Members - Rs. 500 + GST (PER ANNUM)
    Serving/residing with family in areas other than Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority Area.

Associate Members

  1. Local Members - Rs. 400 + GST
    Serving officers/retired members posted/residing in Guwahati and other Members whose families reside in these locations even if the member is posted outside.
  2. Outstation Members - Rs. 1000 + GST (PER ANNUM)
    Serving/residing with family in areas other than Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority Area.

At the time of grant of membership,
a) Permanent Members shall pay admission fee amounting to Rs. 3000/- along with a refundable
security deposit of R. 2000/-.
b) Associate Members shall pay admission fee amounting to RS. 8000/- along with a refundable
security deposit of Rs. 2000/-

All Members shall pay their monthly subscription of every month before starting of the month. Every member shall be required to pay a late fee of Rs. 50/- per month for three months and Rs. 100/- per month from fourth to twelfth month. Members can also pay their Subscription fees quarterly
or multiples of quarter. If the monthly subscriptions along with late fees are not received within six months, the membership of the CSOI, Assam will be automatically terminated. An appeal against the order of termination may be allowed to be preferred to the Executive Committee. In case of
recurrences, membership shall not be revived except through a fresh application of members, which would be considered in its turn below the last waitlisted applicant. The Executive Committee may condone the default once. A terminated membership shall not be revived under any circumstances.
Such persons may, however, apply for fresh membership as per rules/bye laws.


Membership may be terminated by the Governing Council on recommendation of Executive Committee for any of the following reasons:-

  • For violation of code of conduct as per rules
  • Conviction for a crime by a court
  • Being of unsound mind
  • Declaration as an insolvent by a court
  • breach of rules/bye laws of the Institute or any act likely to adversely affect the reputation of the Institute


  1. Members are generally entitled to bring up to a maximum of 6 guests on all working days in CSOI. Number of guest are not restricted when a member books a venue for a private function.
  2. Dependants are allowed to bring their guests during weekdays from 9 AM to 6 P.M.
  3. Member bringing guests to the Institute shall ensure that particulars of the guests are entered in the Guest Register kept at the Reception Counter.
  4. Every guest shall be accompanied by the member/spouse/dependent member (card holder) as the case may be.
  5. The members bringing guests to the Institute shall ensure that their guests observe the Rules and Regulations of CSOI and are properly dressed.


Members will ensure that proper decorum with regard to wearing dress in the Institute is always maintained. Shorts, sportswear and bathroom slippers will not be allowed except in the designated areas.


Members will park cars/ scooters in the proper areas specified for the purpose. Members will obtain the car parking tokens from the security guards at the entrance gates at the time of entry to the Institute and surrender the same to them when taking their vehicles out of the Institute. No vehicles will be allowed to leave the Institute unless the car parking tokens are surrendered. Members losing their tokens will be liable to pay Rs. 10/- towards the cost thereof and permitted to take the vehicles only with the permission of the Manager on duty.
Members will ensure that CSOI, Assam car stickers are displayed prominently on the windscreens. Members or their guests are not allowed to park their vehicles over night without prior permission from the Manager.


Members, their guests and dependants shall maintain a courteous behaviour towards the Institute staff. In the event of any grievance or complaint about the staff of the Institute, it can be brought to the notice of the Manager on duty on the same working day or entered in the suggestion/ complaint book.


Gardeners are not allowed to supply plants or flowers to any member without prior payment in the office of the Institute. The charges for plants, flowers, etc when available for sale to members, will be as promulgated from time to time on the Notice Board. Members must obtain a proper receipt from the Institute Office for payment made.


If any damage is incurred to the property of Institute by members, their guests and dependants, full value will be charged for all breakages from Member. Further, any wilful damage/breakage shall also entail appropriate disciplinary action including termination of membership.


  1. Suggestions and complaints, if any, may be entered in the respective suggestions/complaints books kept for this purpose at the Reception.
  2. The suggestions/complaints of members will be examined by the Executive Committee/Sub-Committee concerned and disposed of accordingly.  If a member feels that his suggestion/complaint has not been adequately redressed, he may refer the matter in writing to the Secretary directly.


Magazines and newspapers shall not be taken away from magazine stand or mutilated by members, their guests and dependents. A penalty will be charged for any violation of this provision.


Properties of the Institute such as furniture, cutlery, crockery, or other equipment shall not be issued to any member or to any organization outside Institute premises. However, the Institute may allow sale of mementos and souvenirs of the CSOI to members at the rates approved.


Dogs/pets shall not be allowed in any part of the Institute premises. For violation of this bye law, the owner of the dog/pet may be charged Rs. 100/- for each violation, in addition to disciplinary action as deemed fit.


Notices pertaining to the Institute activities and general information will be displayed on the Notice Board and the website of the Institute.


No payment shall be made to any person other than the Receptionist or the Accounts Section of the institute. Official receipt shall invariably be obtained for every payment made.


CSOI, Assam is a ‘No Smoking’ area.


  1. Members shall ensure that they partake drinks and eatables only in the designated areas.
  2. Drinks/ eatables are not allowed in the Institute lobby/ reception area.
  3. Members are not allowed to carry drinks and glasses outside the main building.


  1. Sub-Committees in charge of various activities shall propose Bye Laws/Code of Conduct for the proper execution of their activities, which shall come into force only after approval by the Executive Committee.
  2. Any violation of the rules by the Members shall be construed as misconduct.


The Accounts office of the CSOI shall keep a close watch on income and expenditure. The Annual Accounts shall be prepared and will be submitted to the Auditor appointed by the Executive Committee for Annual Audit and Report. Adequate checks and Internal Audit shall also be undertaken by as required by the Finance & Internal audit Sub-Committee. They will prepare a list of checklist for internal audit. The Executive Committee shall have full financial powers to carry out the activities of the Civil Services Officers’ Institute, Assam as per broad guidelines issued by the Governing Council.


  1. Members can book halls/lawn for holding their own or immediate dependant’s parties only against the payment of the hall/lawn’s hiring charges.
  2. No religious ceremony will be allowed at the above mentioned booking spaces.
  3. Only Members personal cheque or online payment would be accepted for venue booking at CSOIA.


All members are bound by a code of conduct and any violation may entail explanation from the member and, if found guilty, may lead to their suspension/expulsion from membership.