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Government Of Assam Administrative Reforms and Training Civil Services Officers' Institute

Dos & Don'ts


  • Keep your address, email and telephone numbers updated for all communications.
  • Members using facilities of Swimming Pool, Gym, Health Club, Lawn Tennis Court, TT, Billiards and Card Room should be in possession of facility card. They must pay their facility subscription on time.
  • Entry of guest(s) should be recorded by the member in the register kept at Reception.
  • Be polite with the staff to maintain the decorum of CSOI.
  • Wait for your turn in restaurants/bar during rush hour. You may sit in Lounge / Reception. Suggestion/complaint if any be written in the suggestion book at reception.
  • Please adhere to the timings of facilities of CSOI.
  • Kindly make timely payments for your annual subscription and renewal of monthly /quarterly subscription of Health Club, Swimming Pool, Squash Court, etc.
  • Guest members staying in Guest Rooms will move out of room in formal attire.
  • Make complete payment after conclusion of private parties.


  • Consuming personal liquor inside CSOI and serving to guests is totally prohibited.
  • Not more than six guests are allowed at a time to avail services of Cafeteria & Officers’ Lounge.
  • Do not make entry of excess guests in the name of other members who are not present.
  • Ensure that entry of guests is made in the register kept at Reception.
  • Shorts and slippers are not allowed inside main building of CSOI except designated areas i.e. Health Club, Squash Court, Swimming Pool & TT. Entry to these facilities is from rear side and record of entry will be made at facility counter.
  • Please avoid joining of tables in bar, lounge and restaurant to sit in large groups.
  • Avoid using mobile phone and loud conversation in restaurants, lounges, and library. Cell phone conversation can be attended outside the facility in veranda / lounge.