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Government Of Assam Administrative Reforms and Training Civil Services Officers' Institute


Types of Membership

  • Permanant Members: All State Government employed Members will be the Permanent Members of the Institute.
  • Associate Members: All Members from Central deputation and SPSUs/CPSUs will be the Associate Members of the Institute and will not get the benefits of voting.


  1. Membership shall be open to officer in the rank of under Secretary and above in the case of Central Government/PSU and an officer in the rank of Deputy Secretary and above from All India Services, Assam Civil Services, Assam Police Services and other State Services serving under the Government of Assam and those on deputation to PSUs and autonomous institutions under the Government of Assam subject to the approval of Executive Committee. The membership for officers of Central Services and executives of Central Public Sector Undertakings will be of the rank of Under Secretary and above subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.
  2. Governing Council may also allow membership to Officers junior in rank to Deputy Secretary to Government of Assam under special circumstances.
  3. Governing Council may restrict /regulate the number of members who may be admitted to Association..
  4. Governing Council may regulate the membership of eligible Civil Servants serving outside Guwahati.

Grant of Membership

Membership of the Institute will be granted to eligible officers in accordance with the priority as per the waiting list notified by CSOI, Assam. However, officers of the rank of Secretary to the Government of Assam and their equivalents in the State Government and ex-officio members of the Governing Council and Executive Committee may be granted out-of-turn membership.

Transfer of Membership

On demise of a member, the Working Committee may, upon a request received from the spouse in this regard within 3 months of the death of the member, transfer the membership in the name of the spouse of the deceased member. Such membership will be valid till the spouse (he/she) remarries/death, whichever is earlier, and will not carry voting rights. If the spouse of the deceased member is independently eligible to be a member of CSOIA, he/she will have voting rights as well.

Children as Dependant Members

A son or daughter of a member is treated as Dependant Member till he/she is married or attains the age of 25 years, whichever is early. However unmarried daughters will be treated as Dependant Member without any age limit.

Fees and Membership Form

Click here to check subscription fees: Fees
For Membershipship form and details on how to apply for membership, click here: Apply for Membership
For more Information, Contact:
Sri Sanjay Dutta
Manager, CSOI, Assam
AASC Campus, Jawahar Nagar,
Khanapara, Guwahati - 22
Ph: 0361-2362377